S.E.A.D.S. - "Come Watch Us Grow!"

(SEADS previously known as SEEDS)

EarthSure Renewable Energy Corp's.
Solar Enclosed Alternative Energy Dumpster System (SEADS) is engineered for the 22nd century. The system is an innovative design that is on the fast track for approval from the U.S. Patent Office in Washington, DC. In a novel way, SEADS addresses the most pressing environmental and economic concerns that the world is facing, offering an affordable solution to generate usable energy from the sun.

Traditional solar panel installations are very expensive to install and demand a large area of building space to accommodate the panels. It is difficult for businesses to invest in solar energy systems when the return on the investment is questionable. SEADS breaks down those barriers by utilizing property that is already dedicated to trash removal with a portable assemblage.

SEADS uses standardized components that can be custom assembled to fit a variety of special conditions at a fraction of the cost of installation.
The portability of the units makes maintenance, repair and replacement easy and inexpensive. Unlike fixed installations the investment is not bound to the real estate.

Space that is currently being utilized for trash removal now has added value. SEADS can be situated anywhere a dumpster presently sits in the open. The dumpster enclosure further serves to prevent unwanted access to the dumpster while beautifying the appearance. The design also satisfies the requirements of local statutes for enclosing dumpsters.

Dumpster enclosures are also very susceptible to being damaged by the trucks that service them. SEADS is designed to absorb the abuse that is inherent in its usage. Using the same technology and material that is applied to highway barrier systems, SEADS outlasts conventional building materials that are presently being used for enclosures and avoids the constant need of rebuilding.

SEADS can be fitted with other useful accessories such as an emergency Blue Phone, safety lighting and surveillance camera. The self contained system generates its own power and is operational in the event of a public power outage.


(above) Doodles of Saluccio's idea were inspired by the conditions of dumpster areas that his company maintained. A conceptual rendering of three SEADS designed for the same location, complete with a surveillance camera, safety lighting and 9-1-1 Blue Phone.

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S.E.A.D.S. - "Come Watch Us Grow!"
Thursday, 13 August 2009

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