SubSolar - "Out of Sight, out of Mind"


Field of Invention

The present invention relates to an improved method of collecting sun to create solar power - without the solar panels being exposed virtually making them invisible.

Background of Invention

The current method of applying solar panels is to secure them to roof tops or to open above ground spaces. Both of these conventional solar applications inheritably need large swatches of potential usable space that can be better utilized other than applying solar panels (modules). Subterranean solar has the ability to create solar electricity without any inconvenient above-ground installation that takes up valuable space and are aesthetically sore.

How subterranean solar works:

Subterranean solar captures and collects sunlight from a single solar collector that transfers the sunlight from its linear or cylindrical lenses (that act as a solar collecting device) and transmits the collected solar light through fiber optics into an underground storage of solar panel modules. They will be in-cased in cylindrical tubes or in a semi-hermetically sealed box (or boxes made out of PVC that are in a vacuum chamber atmosphere) which will utilize the ultimate light absorption in the box light vacuum chamber that encapsulates the solar panel modules.

The newest enhancement to the SubSolar system generates renewable energy from natural AND man-made light.


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