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EarthSure’s “Dynamic Duo”: the World’s New Heroes in Renewable Energy

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Woodbridge, NJ, October 20, 2009-- EarthSure, a renewable energy company and innovator in alternative energy sources, introduces yet another earth-saving invention. Following on the heels of the WindAir™ converter system and the SubSolar™ system, Earthsure’s CEO Raymond Saluccio introduces an innovative way to convert man-made light into renewable energy.  “Dynamic Duo”, the name given to a system of collecting both solar and man-made light through optical lenses installed in fixtures such as office building lights, street lights, stadium lights, etc. and transmitting the light via fiber optics to solar panels hidden beneath the ground. This system is an enhancement to the SubSolar system; a way to transform sunlight from compact optical devices to solar panels located below the surface, whereby hiding unsightly solar panels and increasing the production life of the panels.

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EarthSure: The Game Changer in the Renewable Energy Revolution

A revolutionary invention could be a game changer in how energy is generated from the sun’s rays.

EarthSure, a small renewable energy company based in New Jersey, announced a patent pending project that uses subterranean solar panels to create solar power.

The SubSolar system installs a compact optical rooftop device that captures and magnifies the sun’s rays and then uses this device to transfer sunlight through fiber-optic lines to an underground chamber of solar panels.



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