EnergyBoom - Making Energy Out of the Hot Air from Cooling Systems


By Leslie Berliant on September 10, 2009

Remember Ray Saluccio, the guy who started EarthSure Renewable Energy and invented the solar dumpster? When I talked to him a few months ago, he mentioned some new renewable energy products in the works. And like with the S.E.E.D.S. solar dumpster system, Saluccio is taking something that contributes to urban blight and turning it into a source for renewable energy.

Yesterday, EarthSure announced Saluccio’s latest invention; WindAir. It’s a system for reusing the exhausted air flow from central air conditioning condenser units and transforming it into renewable energy. And anyone who grew up in a house with central air knows there’s a lot of hot air there to be captured!

Full Story Here http://www.energyboom.com/emerging/making-energy-out-hot-air-cooling-systems

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