Safeguarding the Sun’s Energy With EarthSure’s Solar Alarm System

Woodbridge, New Jersey – “Green Crime” is on the rise. Users of solar power, especially in California, have been hit with a rash of stolen solar panels and the amount of monetary damage these thefts produce are thousands of dollars in each case. These stolen solar panels have showed up on Ebay and Craigslist and the thefts have become so prevalent, there is even a black market for these panels.

EarthSure, a renewable energy company and innovator in alternative energy sources introduces an anti-theft system called S.AS (Solar alarm System) which is designed to stop these green thieves in their tracks. The S.AS system uses magnetic switching devices embedded within the side walls of the solar panels that trip an alarm system whenever a solar panel gets moved or lifted. The S.AS system can be installed on any existing solar panel configuration and will be manufactured within new solar panels. Similar to alarms coming standard in most cars nowadays, EarthSure predicts solar panels will also come equipped with alarm systems right from the initial installation.

Ray Saluccio, CEO of EarthSure says “If you would put an alarm on a $20,000 car – why wouldn’t you put an alarm on a solar panel investment of $40,000? It’s sad that these “green thieves” are taking equipment that is detrimental to helping the environment. It’s just not right and we at EarthSure plan on stopping them”. EarthSure reps have also been speaking with some insurance companies about giving a discount to those individuals with a S.AS, similar to the discount they give auto insurers if their car has an alarm. Between the safeguarding of the panels and the potential discounts from insurers, S.AS will entice more people to install solar panels, hence increasing the amount of renewable energy made and decreasing the need for non-renewable energy - which is what EarthSure is all about.

About EarthSure:
EarthSure Renewable Energy Corp. is an American corporation innovating technologies to produce energy in a clean and affordable way. Utilizing solar and wind power as a source of renewable energy, EarthSure systems are alternatives to conventional energy producing methods that result in carbon emissions. For more information about the many other innovative developments in solar and wind power created by EarthSure, visit their website at www.Earth-Sure.com

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