EarthSure Receives Patent Allowance to Tap into New Source of Green Energy

Woodbridge, NJ - EarthSure Renewable Energy Corp. has received a “Notice of Allowability” from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Washington, D.C. advising that their WindAir Patent has been approved.  According to the prosecution of this WindAir technology, the merits have been closed and the Notice of Allowance has been issued.  This newly allowed technology called WindAir generates an innovative form of clean renewable energy.  By converting the exhausted airstream from air-conditioning condenser coils and utilizing a proprietary multiport secondary fan turbine, the WindAir system creates a unique new form of energy production.

With the acceptance of this technology, EarthSure will have a world-wide application to lower electric consumption by using the power generated from air-conditioning systems and turning it into renewable energy.  CEO and inventor, Raymond Saluccio has expressed the importance of this first patent approval for his company stating that, “The recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in the KSR International Company vs. Teleflex Inc. ruling is the most important patent ruling in years because it raises the bar in obtaining patents on new products that rely on new combinations of existing publicly known elements.  This ruling makes all patents in the renewable energy field more valuable because of the difficulties in obtaining them.  At this point of a technology business, patents are of the up most importance because they provide access and acceptance to newly developed products or processes.  In the past, inventions such as WindAir that are protected by patents have created new industries and have advanced existing industries.”

CEO, Raymond Saluccio expresses the significance of this allowance to bring them closer to creating a unique opportunity for investors.
The demand for alternative energy has lead to government and venture capital investment, business R&D, and heightened consumer interest.  EarthSure fits in perfectly at this time as investors have started to retreat from latter-stage investments and return to early stage deals such as EarthSure Renewable Energy. For more information about EarthSure Renewable Energy Corp and its unique alternative energy sources, visit www.Earth-Sure.com.

 "The Patent Allowance is very significant as it brings EarthSure closer to
creating a unique opportunity for investors."

- Raymond Saluccio

CEO, EarthSure Renewable Energy Corp. 


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